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Network Hub and Cable

Endpoint Manager Device Maturity

Device Maturity

Microsoft Endpoint Manager with Implementing a Zero Trust Access model should be a core component of your security transformation. Not sure where to start? We recommend focusing on a few pain points or user groups.

Multi-Cloud Environment

Using multiple clouds for your corporate applications — private, public, and hybrid — can reduce costs, enable flexibility, and accelerate digital transformation. But a multi-cloud reality also creates complexity and a lack of visibility, exposing your organization to risk.

Expanding User Ecosystem

Your third-party contractors, partners, suppliers, remote workers, and even newly acquired users from mergers and acquisitions all benefit — even accelerate — your business. But provisioning access for this varied and fluid ecosystem introduces risk, increases costs, and creates complexity.

VPN Elimination

Your mobile workforce and cloud-based applications are at odds with your legacy and appliance-based access solutions. Traditional VPNs, proxies, and RDPs drive up operational costs, monopolize already-scarce IT resources, and open your business to risk.

Edge-delivered, identity-aware access can tackle each of these use cases, empowering you to deliver applications to users whenever and wherever they need it — securely.

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